ServiceKey® Unlocks the Power of Exceptional Client Service

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ServiceKey® brings the power of behavioral analysis to customer service diagnostics.

Happy people ServiceKey® is a validated assessment of key behavioral competencies proven to impact service productivity at all four levels of Dr. K. David Barnett's Job Performance Model. ServiceKey® is the leading comprehensive service performance questionnaire available in the marketplace today. The online assessment takes 20-25 minutes to complete, and individual results are available immediately.

Fifteen ServiceKey® behavioral competencies are organized around The Four Levels Model, a unique developmental paradigm developed by Dr. K. Barnett, to aid in setting priorities for selection, training and employee development.

Each Level is identified by an area of focus. At Level 1 the focus is on the core behaviors of the individual. Level 2 focuses on the training and management issues the individual represents to the organization. Level 3 shifts the focus to effective customer interaction. The peak customer service performer is working at Level 4, where the focus is on maximizing productivity.