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PsyMetrics Global brings the power of behavioral profiling to customer service diagnostics.

For more than a decade, Dr. Dave Barnett has been recognized as the leading innovator of web-based behavioral competency assessments.  SalesKey® was the first validated behavioral profile available on the Internet and is used around the world.  Barnett’s Four Levels developmental model and Life-Needs Theory™ are known for their unique insights into why people do what they do.  Now, Barnett brings his research and experience to the first web-based behavioral competency profile for customer service positions.

ServiceKey® makes diagnosing individual and organizational service issues easy and reliable.  The profile also shows good to excellent predictability, making it the perfect selection tool for assessing candidates.

When asked why a sales expert should be taken seriously in the field of customer service, Barnett replies, “Sales and service are peculiarly symbiotic.  Behaviorally, the appear to be polar opposites of each other, and yet each is completely dependent on the other.  Most customer service training programs either ignore or omit sales connection.  Without a unified structural model for training and selection, communication between these two disparate yet critical functions may break down, and that’s a signal that a company is in trouble.”

ServiceKey® and SalesKey® represent one integrated system uniting selection, training, coaching, and organizational development for both sales and service around a single platform.  This means improved efficiency because managers and recruiters are trained in only one system, not two.  Mistakes caused by the confusion of mismatched programs are minimized.  People in customer service can now talk to and understand the people in sales.

In addition to assessment filters that enable administrators to spot manipulation, unnecessary exaggeration, and inconsistent answers, ServiceKey detects and measures 15 behaviors critical to providing exceptional customer service for the organization.


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